Gary E. Skop and Tom J. Naida started Accurate Accounting and Tax Services, Inc. in 1993, from which Accurate Financial Services, Inc., and AFS Taxsavers, Inc., evolved. The original office was located in the partner’s homes, thru the company’s infancy the work was completed after hours and on weekends.

Gary began working in October 1973, for the bookkeeping and income tax office of L.N. Zapton & Associates. In January 1978 Gary became a partner, and the business name was changed to Zapton, Skop & Associates, Inc. The business remained an accounting and income tax force in the Dearborn and surrounding area until December 7, 1994. At that time and after much consideration to the 16 years as the managing partner, differences with his partner regarding personal and business goals became unbearable, a career decision to devote 100% of his time and efforts to his new practice was made.

Tom began working for Zapton, Skop & Associates Inc, in October 1983. In January 1985 Tom made a career change and started to work for Chrysler Corporation. He currently is the Senior Accounting Specialist, International Accounting Operations. Tom remains a director of AFS Taxsavers, Inc.

Lynne M. Bain began working for Zapton, Skop & Associates Inc. on December 27, 1987. Seven years later on December 27, 1994 Lynne accepted an offer to become a partner in Accurate Financial Services, Inc.

Karen E. Skop after many years of working part time for Zapton, Skop & Associates Inc, began working with Accurate Accounting and Tax Services Inc.. In January 1996 she accepted an offer to become a partner in Accurate Financial Services Inc.

The first office was located on Warren Ave. in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The office building was owned by one of our accounting clients. Rent was cheap, as it was free.

In September 1995 accountant Patricia Bresidine, wishing to semi-retire, merged her practice “Zajac Bookkeeping and Tax Service” of Detroit into the AFS Taxsavers family. Patricia continued to work until January 2000 when medical conditions forced her into retirement. She passed away in September 2002.

December 1996 AFS, Inc. purchased the very small tax practice, “Academy Tax Service” located on Newburgh Rd in Livonia. This location became our second office.

The Warren Ave. and Newburgh Rd. offices were in operation thru October 1999, when we combined both offices and moved to our present location on Ann Arbor Rd, in Livonia.

In January 2001 accountant Joe Summers and his brother Frank, of “Taxsavers”, looking to retire, approached us and asked that the AFS staff take over the everyday operations of their 55 year old Livonia based business. Taxsavers became part of the family, and the AFS Inc. business name was changed to AFS Taxsavers Inc. Frank passed away in February 2001, Joe passed away in December 2002.

In 2017 AFS purchased Master Tax from Dave Bertus and Rose Grand-Bertus.  Rose knew Gary because she attended tax seminars at University of Michigan that were taught by Gary.  While Dave played in a golf league with Gary, Ryan, and Kevin.  Throughout the years a friendship developed.  This friendship lead to Dave and Rose making a business decision with AFS Taxsavers Inc. to sell Master Tax so they could move on to their retirement in Texas.  Now Master Tax is a part of AFS Taxsavers Inc.