AFS Taxsavers Virtual Options for Tax Returns

You can now have your income taxes done by a professional – and never have to leave the comfort of your home.

We get it. You’re busy. You’re playing things safe. Coming to see us is not in your top five of exciting things to do.

That’s ok. We’re not offended and we have options now that take full advantage of the innovative improvements in technology that the last two years has brought about. Our heavily encrypted customer portal is a great new way to connect and conduct business. Now in our second year of virtual offerings, we are proud to offer our two different virtual options – The AFS Taxsavers Virtual Appointment and Virtual Drop-Off.

The Virtual Appointment


With both of our virtual offerings, the process starts with a creation of your profile in our protected and secure customer portal. It is here that you will upload your tax documents to your Tax Professional. Once we’ve received all of your documents, your tax return is prepared and we set up a Virtual Appointment to review the results of your tax return via a Video Call. All documents are then signed electronically and payments are made without ever having to come into the office. Copies of your tax return are loaded into your secure portal, where you can print or download for your records.

The Virtual Drop-Off


Everything with the Virtual Drop-Off is the same as the Virtual Appointment, minus the Video Appointment. You first upload your documents to your Tax Professional. Your Tax Professional prepares and completes your tax return and you are notified when they are ready. Through your secure portal, you sign your documents and provide payment to AFS Taxsavers. Copies of your return are then available for you to print or download for your records.

We are so excited to be able offer this convenient way to interact with us and get your tax return checked off your to-do list – all without having to even pick up the phone or come in for an appointment. This method addresses your needs for privacy, security, speed, and flexibility with your busy calendar, and we know you will be more than satisfied.

Click the “Create Your Secure Online Profile Now” link above and let’s get started! Your tax return results are just a few days away!