AFS Taxsavers, INC. Yearly Donation

Every Friday and Saturday at AFS Taxsavers, INC. is casual dress day.  When choosing to dress casually each employee is asked to donate a dollar.  Throughout 2019 the employees at AFS Taxsavers, INC. raised $277.98.  Gary and Karen rounded that $277.98 up to an even $500.00.  Not bad for an office that has only five to six people working most days.   

In 2019, the $500 was donated to the Hope Clinic.  The money helped fund the Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program.  The program adopted 180 families and gave away a total of 1,845 gifts.  In addition to the adoptions, there were two days of Christmas shopping at the Christmas Store.  The Christmas shopping was set up for the families that did not get adopted.  The Christmas Store was able to help another 324 families.  Hope Clinic also held raffles while the Christmas Store was open.  They raffled off bikes and gift cards.  Here are some pictures to show some of the items that were available inside of the Christmas Store.

Over the last 12 years AFS Taxsavers, INC. has donated over $11,000 to various organizations. We have already started filling our donation jar for 2020.  Stay tuned to see which organization will receive our donation this year.