union-workerOne of the most complex parts of operating any business is keeping track of payroll. This is also one of the most essential elements of operating a successful business. When it comes to employee satisfaction, perhaps the most important element is a timely, accurate paycheck. The fact that payroll is such a significant part of any business doesn’t make it any easier however. One of the largest challenges you’ll have to face in this regard is that every employee’s paycheck is different. Some may be full time, while others are part time. Some might be salaried while others might be paid on an hourly basis. Others might have various deductions, those imposed by the state and otherwise. And then there’s the matter of unions. If you run a diverse business with a number of different position types then some of your employees might be unionized while others might not be. For example, even if your regular employees are not members of a union you might feel the need to hire a janitorial staff whose situation might be different. Union employees are almost always paid differently, though how much so is completely dependent on the conditions of the union to which they belong. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to learn which of your employees might be unionized and how their job situation might differ.

What’s the Difference?

There might be little difference, or even none, between unionized employees and your regular workers. On the other hand, the difference could be quite sizable.

  • Members of unions on average earn more than 25% more income.
  • Over 75% of unionized workers have health coverage of some kind, compared to about 50% of non-unionized workers.
  • 70% of unionized employees have pensions.

What Are the Chances Your Employees Belong to a Union?

The chances are honestly quite high. Almost 16 million workers are currently unionized. A wide variety of job types are represented by unions, from construction workers to nurses to actors, and just because an employee was not unionized when they joined your company, that doesn’t mean they’re not now. If you’re having trouble keeping both your unionized and non-unionized employees happy, call AFS Taxsavers. We’ll help you and your workers fill out union reports for all applicable employees to ensure that they’re being paid the proper sum. With AFS Taxsavers on your side, you can be sure that your employees will stay satisfied.