The hiring of a new employee can be an exciting and stressful experience. Though the occasion is almost certainly a cause for celebration, getting an employee on your official payroll can prove to be a very complex process for all involved. There are a number of steps one must take to officially join a company, and if any of these are performed incorrectly any number of problems could arise. There’s information to gather, forms to fill out, people to notify… the list goes on and on. We at AFS Taxsavers are proud to offer our help in such a time. With our assistance, you can ensure that you and your employee are able to enjoy the benefits of your recent hire without suffering any legal or financial repercussions.


  • If you’re just starting out as a business you’ll need to fill out a State Income Tax Withholding Form. This gives you permission to legally employ workers. To do this, you’ll need to get in touch with the state department of revenue.
  • Once you’ve selected a strong candidate for the job you’re attempting to fill you’ll need to use the E-Verify system to make sure they are eligible to work.
  • However, before this step is taken you’ll want that candidate to fill out an I-9 form, within which the employee will guarantee that they are legally able to work in the United States. By comparing the information on the I-9 to that in the E-Verify system you can deduce whether or not the candidate is trustworthy, or even legally employable.
  • All new employees must fill out a job application form. This covers various bits of personal information like their past employment history and their level of education. An employee can be held accountable legally if any of this information is inaccurate, so it’s of paramount importance to fill out the form carefully.
  • You’ll also need to publicly declare the hiring of your employee through the New Hire Registration System.
  • Finally, before they receive their first paycheck, your employee will need to fill out a W-4 Federal Income Tax Withholding form, which indicates factors which might influence their pay, including your relationship status and any dependants you might have.

If this all sounds a bit daunting that’s because it is. But luckily, there’s a solution: contact AFS Taxsavers today, and we’ll help you get the paperwork completed and filed to make your new hire official.


Form Link Description
Form W4 – Federal Federal Income Tax Withholding
Form W4 – Michigan Michigan Income Tax Withholding
Direct Deposit – Employee Authorization agreement for Employee Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit – Employer Authorization agreement for business Owner Direct Deposit
Form I9- Employment Eligibility Employer verification of an employee’s identity and the eligibility to be employed in the USA.
Michigan New Hire Michigan employers, both public and private, must report all newly hired, rehired, or returning to work employees to the State of Michigan within 2 weeks of hire.
Form W9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification