Hourly and Salary-Based Checks

We understand that the payroll process can be somewhat confusing, You have any number of employees at your disposal, many of whom are paid at different rates, with different parameters or even at different times, and it can be a real challenge to constantly and consistently keep straight who exactly gets what. For example, one major source of potential confusion could arise from employing both hourly and salaried employees. As such, we at AFS Taxsavers are here to assist you. We’ll help you manage your payroll, ensuring that the right people are able to get the right check, guaranteed. With our help you won’t have to worry about over- or under-paying or sending checks out at the wrong time ever again.


  • Have a fixed rate of pay regardless of the amount of hours actually worked, but often work for a set number of hours.
  • May or may not be able to receive overtime.
  • May receive payment at weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals. Some positions offer further options than these as well.
  • Are easy to regulate and keep track of, as their paycheck will basically be identical every time out


  • timecardsHave a fixed rate of pay, but only on an hourly basis.
  • Work hours that may or may not be variable based upon the nature of their profession. Hourly employees and their employers have greater flexibility in terms of scheduling
  • Are able to receive overtime with the permission of their employers.
  • May only be temporarily employed.
  • Are not simply paid automatically for a certain period. Paychecks are determined by how many hours the employee actually worked, and when they did so.
  • Are more difficult to regulate, as their amount of income can vary from paycheck to paycheck.