Accounting (Monthly/Quarterly)

Cumulative Statement of Income and Expenses, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements: Will help businesses monitor their cash flow; it gives them a “snapshot” at any given point throughout the year of profit or loss; allows businesses to see trends developing, and helps to plan for the future.

Bank Reconciliation: We reconcile your business’ bank account(s) monthly or quarterly so that you know exactly how much money is there, and if any adjustments are needed to account for errors in check processing, which checks have cleared, and any fees that are assessed.

Unlimited Consultation: Unlimited discussion of business accounting and tax questions, either at our office or by phone or email. We are here to answer all of your business questions, as needs arise.


AFS Taxsavers is a full-service payroll firm. Your business has the flexibility of having 2 payroll options: we can do your payroll “in house,” from start to finish; or, the other option is that we are partnered with ADP, one of the industry leaders in payroll processing, and they will manage your payroll quickly and efficiently.

Tax Planning/Preparation

Tax Planning

  • Advise of any new tax laws to keep you current on any changes that may affect how you handle your business and its profits
  • Year end annual meetings to discuss the year’s profits/losses and any future plans for the upcoming year. This is a value-added service that is offered by AFS Taxsavers and is highly recommended!
  • Review prior year tax returns for new clients that may have questions or concerns regarding any previous year’s return

Tax Preparation

Quick Books

  • Set Up – We help you get it set up properly to maximize your Quick Books experience from the start
  • Training – We help educate business owners and their employees on the proper way to use Quick Books to its fullest potential as a business tool.
  • Quick Book Tips